More Re-Assembling , Timing Gears and rear Crankshaft





8 June 2014 005



We washed off the transfer needle rollers with petrol.

8 June 2014 001

One of the 518 needle rollers! , being installed onto the transfer gear shafts.

8 June 2014 0028 June 2014 007


We used elastic bands and grease to hold the needles in place.

8 June 2014 006

Now we fitted the rear sleeve drive gears.

8 June 2014 008


Once the transfer gear is far enough down over the needles , we could then pull out the elastic band and cut it off.

8 June 2014 009


And there you have it. all of the gears on and timed up, a thing of beauty!

8 June 2014 011 8 June 2014 012

Next job was to clean the front timing cover and flat the paint down.

8 June 2014 013


Here we are cleaning out the front oil scavenge pump out.

8 June 2014 014


New “O” ring fitted to front crankcase section.

8 June 2014 015


Pete, one of the proud parents getting ready to fit the front cover.

8 June 2014 016

A quick jiggle of the sleeve drives and it fitted with ease.

8 June 2014 0178 June 2014 018

Next we fitted the reduction drive gear with left handed lock nut and lock it off.

8 June 2014 0198 June 2014 020

Oooh its getting bigger!

8 June 2014 021


fitting the rear wrist pin oil control ring after cleaning.

8 June 2014 023 8 June 2014 024

After cleaning and assembling the rear master rod and slave rods we then fitted the rear maniton and bolt, it just needs the bolt stretching by 0.014″ now, that will have to wait until tomorrow wen Dominic is in at work as it’s a three man job.

Now that was a good day at the Office.. I think we have have a beer now..


2 thoughts on “More Re-Assembling , Timing Gears and rear Crankshaft

    1. Hi Slobodan

      That scale is for the boost/power setting of the engine ECB stands for “Economical Cruse Boost” on these engines
      you set the boost setting required not the throttle opening as the injection system opens the throttle automatically to
      achieve the required boost/power setting.

      Kind regards


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