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Cleaning and Re-fiting Super Charger and Gearbox

super_charger_refit 002super_charger_refit 001

The first job this weekend was to clean out our parts washer, as you can see  we have removed a lot of muck and crud from this old girl!

super_charger_refit 005

After flattening down the out side of the super charger we flushed out all the oil ways.

super_charger_refit 004


The gear box drive shaft took some cleaning, as there is an inner tube inside the the drive shaft to create an annular oil gallery, this was well bunged up with muck but using the 12 bore shot gun barrel cleaner we soon had it cleaned out.

super_charger_refit 003

After a couple of hours work we had the Super charger and Gearbox ready to be refitted.

super_charger_refit 006 super_charger_refit 007

After cleaning the rear crankcase bolts, we lubed them with grease and refitted them, then refitted the “O” ring and applied new sealant ready for the Super charger.

super_charger_refit 008 super_charger_refit 009    

Peter looking serious here as we get ready to fit the Supercharger, must be time for a beer!

super_charger_refit 010super_charger_refit 011


And on she goes, next job rejig the chain pull higher up in the roof to lift the gearbox on.


264 gearbox refit 010

Here we have to pass the gearbox over to the chain hoist and lift it way into the roof!

264 gearbox refit 011 264 gearbox refit 012


We had just enough height to clear the engine…

264 gearbox refit 013 264 gearbox refit 014


And there we have it, next job is to paint the engine mount ring and engine mount frame.

264 gearbox refit 016 264 gearbox refit 015


Engine mount frame painted, just the engine mount ring to do now then we can etch prime the back half of the engine, fit the engine mount and rotate the engine back to the horizontal position.