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And so we begin

After two years of searching we still couldn’t find suitable engines to restore. Pete was due to fly out of Gatwick and had a couple of hours to kill, so he decided to visit a nearby aero engine museum. There inside was a perfect Bristol Hercules, while chatting to one of the curators, Pete said he was interested in finding a engine to restore, He took Pete’s email address and left it at that. A couple of weeks late he got an email from him with a name that he said he might know where there is a couple of engines. When I saw the name I realized that I knew him, he was one of our customers! that I haven’t seen in ages. Two months later he called in to our workshop so I asked him did he know where there was a Bristol Hercules? he replied I know where there is two, clever Trevor has them and he was only seven miles away! How bizarre is that. So Pete and I trotted off to see clever Trevor and do a deal.

1 A pair of Bristols arrive!




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