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Bristol Hercules 759 Rebuild Completed

As the Christmas holiday break is nearly here I decided to push on and get the 759 put back together and sealed up, as this weather we are experiencing cold then very mild is causing a lot of condensation and that is the last thing we need inside a Hercules Engine.


As with all of the sleeves, plenty of grease was applied to protect them.

IMG_2371 IMG_2373

On No. 4 cylinder head, we found that part of one of the sealing rings was missing, this has been missing for quit a while, but no damage to the sleeve was found.


We have plenty of new head rings in stock , so new ones were fitted.


There was only one more head that had worn rings, as you can see from this picture the original ring has lost a bit of it’s shape compared to a new one.



Once all the heads had been fitted and torqued down, all of the lock tabs were set again.

IMG_2401 IMG_2402 IMG_2403

Next is was the painstakingly steady job of refitting all of the air defectors and exhaust, it’s not a quick job but once you figure out the order of assembly it’s straight forward….


Finally the last split pin is fitted and the exhaust is complete!.

IMG_2408 IMG_2411


Next job was to reassemble the nacelle. The inner panels were cleaned and then fitted.

IMG_2416 IMG_2417 IMG_2413

And there we have it , all re-assembled and seal up , now we can get back to finishing off the ground running frame for the 759.