2016 Shows

May 8th & 9th

The first show as usual is the Flying man Festival at Pocklington and the 102 squadron reunion

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May 15th Kelso

The show was at Kelso show ground in the Scottish Borders, we showed along side William and his Merlin



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Nice tow vehicle Will


img_3854 img_3852


June 11th Scruton Village Fete near Northallerton

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June 12th Breighton Airfield fly in



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July 17th & 17th Farnborough International Airshow


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July 23rd Bagby Airfield



Aldborough & Dishforth Show held at RAF Dishforth

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August 5th & 6th Croft Nostalgia Weekend


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September 10th End of season BBQ at ours


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Peter and Graham turned up with a Merlin , It had not been run in ten years, but it ran fine.

img_5022 img_5025

Ken Rusby who we met at Crof talked to us at Croft about his Dad who lost his life in a Albemile crash in WW2 , he was born three months later, he has don a lot of research into the crash and was chuffed to bits that we arranged to have a plaque fitted to the engine frame in memory of his Dad and crew mates that lost there lives. After the very touching speech he made he then brought out an actual Bristol Hercules Cylinder from his Dads crashed plane, To see him stood there with that cylinder against the 216  just makes the long hours of work worth while.





img_5281img_5029 img_5030 img_5043

The Following day after tidying up after the BBQ we decided to invite Mike Hemmingway to remove two old Mags from a scrap 264, after a couple of hours he was chuffed to bits with his afternoons work.

img_5050 img_5052


We would like to thank everybody we met this year for the kind words and encouragement. Now its time to finish off the 759 ready for 2017! , then we can make twice the noise…….

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  1. Thank you for rebuilding these engines i love them ,all aero piston engines. Can you tell at which airshow’s you will be with your engine? in 2017. I would like to see and hear them in reality not only on youtube.

    Best regards from Switzerland, Juergen Freund.

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