Club Propeller

After getting the 264’s back into our workshops we ripped straight into them and started to strip down the propellers.

PROP 003 PROP 004

Brain kindly lent us his Rotol tools to strip down the hubs


PROP 006


The first job was to strip down the pitch control mechanism.

PROP 017PROP 020


Then remove the blades. We use the removed reduction gear bolted to a couple of beams to allow us to a 20 tonne jack to loosen of the blades.

PROP 023 PROP 024

Once the hub was stripped down Pete soon had it cleaned up, etched primed , then a coat of primer filler ready for top coat.

PROP 029 PROP 030


Next job was to cut the blades down, we used the oil feed tube and a piece of wood and a scribe to mark the blades, then a 9″ grinder with a slitting disc to cut them down.

PROP 031

We then fitted the other hub to the engine and test fitted the blades.

prop2 003 prop2 002

As Pete had a couple of days off , he decided to take on the sanding down of the blades, it took a full two days to do!

prop2 004


Nice job done Pete, have a beer

prop2 010


The next thing to do was make the blades all the same length. First we packed the blades of from the hub using key steel to ensure all the the blades are set the same.

prop2 007

Next we made a die grinder tool holder on the bottom of the engine stand.

prop2 009 prop2 008


Slowly we ground down each blade , then move up the die grinder after one full revolution of the engine.

prop2 011

Pete very pleased after half a days work and ten tins of WD40 and two die grinders we had the job done, blades ground down to within a couple of thou. We just need to balance them now then they can be painted.


5 thoughts on “Club Propeller

    1. Hi Ray
      We use Vickers Varsity 4 bladed props or Nord Noratlas 4 bladed props.
      We are sorry to say that at the moment we don’t have any Taurus Stuff.
      Kind regards

  1. Fascinating! You guys are really impressive the way you approach and conquer these horrific engineering challenges! well done indeed1

  2. like you rebuild step by step, am doing a ex bristol freighter hercules engine for local museum at moment,so are getting some ideas of your rebuild, what diameter did your cut down propeller come out at, what distance is your prop shaft from ground when on trailer, keep up good work, cheers phil

    1. Hi Phil

      The Propeller was of a Vickers Varsity , it was cut down to 8 feet and it runs about 12″ from the ground , we have had no problems with it picking up FOD etc. it dose throw a bit of grass about when we set it to full feather on the last run of the show. (Note I have put a mechanical stop on the throttle butterfly’s to stop them opening above 30′ as the engine would run away on the Hobson Carb Injection System)
      I am currently restoring a R-3350 from a Connie that will be swinging about a 9 foot+ prop, that should make some decent power! also check out Historic Aero Engines on Face Book for other engines that are being restored.



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