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Heads 6,7,10 and 14 removed, also cylinders 12,13 and 14 removed.

Well steady progress this weekend with a few more heads removed and three more cylinders removed.

1st Dec 009a

Here we are using the air line adapter to aid a head removal, obviously this can only be used when the piston is at , or near TDC.

1st Dec 010

Here we are using our “C” spanner that we  made to slacken of the induction pipe rings, when they have move a quarter of a turn, we can use another “C” spanner with out the extension handle.

1st Dec 011


It was time to try out the rotating engine frame! So Pete requested a rotation to starboard of  51 degrees 25 minutes and 43 seconds exactly!

1st Dec 007 1st Dec 006

Not a problem the frame works a treat!

1st Dec 008  

With the engine tilted over we can have a good peak at the carburetor, it is

nice and clean inside and all moves freely.

1st Dec 002 1st Dec 003


Shelve’s are filling up with more and more parts.


No. 4 Cylinder Head Removal

Once we had a good look over the 264,after modifying an old spark plug socket we removed the spark plugs from No.4 and poked an endoscope camera down to see what the internal looked like. It was grim but ever the optimist we pressed on, We looked very closely at the problems that Terry Jones had at Aero Engines Carlisle when he tried to strip down a 230. so we changed tack a little and made a puller plate that sat on top of the cylinder head studs with two bolts tapped to suite the spark plug threads, one of them gun drilled so we could pressurize the cylinder if it is at TDC or there abouts.

Low and behold with a bang the head popped off.42 3837

Next Job try and remove a cylinder!