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Assembly Starts

Well we have been busy cleaning the middle crank case section, flattening down the paint so it will be ready for paint when assembled.

April 27 004 April 27 002

Before we can start putting parts back onto the engine assembly stand, Pete did a great job of prepping the stand then etch prime , then a couple of coats of satin black.

April 27 001

April 27 008 April 27 009 April 27 010

The first section to go back on was the center section.

April 27 029

Next after cleaning the crank oil jets they were refitted. We are using 75/90 oil to lubricate all parts as they are fitted.

April 27 011

A good slug of oil fed into main center bearing.

April 27 014 April 27 013


Also plenty of oil down the center of the crank before fitting the end plugs.

April 27 012April 27 028

Next after a final wipe down, the front even row master rod and con rods were reassembled ready to be fitted.

April 27 031April 27 032


Before the con rods can be fitted the oil feed ring is fitted and lubed up.

April 27 030


That’s a good mile stone achieved, the even set of con rods fitted, time for a beer!

April 27 033

Next job was to clean the front maniton of little patches of surface rust.

April 27 034

Also we removed the maniton jet and cleaned it out ,April 27 035

Another little special tool was made from a 1/4″ drive extension to remove the jet.

April 27 036


We the aid of our third member of the team Mr. Engine Hoist the front maniton was refitted and lined up.

April 27 037 April 27 038April 27 039April 27 040


We have fitted pipe insulation to the con rods to protect them while the rest of the assembly is carried out, so when we are turning the engine and the con rods flop about there coating won’t get damaged.

April 27 041


The next job will be to fit and tighten the front maniton stretch bolts, this will have to wait to next weekend, as this will take three people to achieve the tension required!


Crankcase Stand

We decided to make a crankcase mount addition to the engine stand. this will enable use to rotate the engine into the vertical position to allow us to remove the engine mount ring, supercharger, rear section of crankcase and finally the back row of con rods and pistons with sleeves.

dec 31 014 dec 31 013

First thing we did was make some plates that mount onto each side of the middle section of the crank case  at cylinders 4 and 12.

dec 31 017 dec 31 018

After tacking some box section onto the plates we then fitted 40 mm shafts into the box and using a laser to ensure the shafts align through the engine.

dec 31 020dec 31 021


Next job was to build up a frame each side to mount a pair of bearings.

dec 31 024


We then added a pair of bars to enable us to lock of the engine in the vertical position.

dec 31 025dec 31 026


We drilled holes in the box section to allow us to plug weld the shafts.

dec 31 027dec 31 028


The moment of truth! take the weight of the engine at the rear and remove the engine mount, then rotate the engine into the vertical position.

dec 31 033

We then added a couple of extra steady posts, next job removal of engine mount ring and supercharger.