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Piston removal

The first job is to clean the bore of the sleeve below the piston,

dec 31 029



then placed the sleeves in containers and flooded the back of them with our Special Brew.

dec 31 030dec 31 032


After only a couple of hours the Special Brew had started to work its way through.

dec 31 045


While these are soaking, Pete machined up a base plate to fit our 20 tonne press, so the sleeves will sit square and hopefully we can push the pistons down out of the sleeves.

dec 31 012


dec 31 002

Since it’s New Years Eve, the top shed got a new sign, time for a little light refreshment,

Happy New Year everybody….


jan 7 009


The rear case came of quite easily, we used a chain pull to extract the case through bolts.

jan 7 012 jan 7 013


Once all of the bolts are extracted the rear case is lifted off, then the rear maneton bolt is removed, now that was tight!

jan 7 014 jan 7 015


The rear row of cylinders can now be lifted off.


jan 7 030

Now it is time to remove the pistons. First we placed in a 20mm spreader  plate on top of the piston, this should spread the up to 20 tonne pressure across the face of the piston.

jan 7 024 jan 7 029a

jan 7 031 

After a little pressure the first sleeve gave birth to a piston!

jan 7 020


A couple of the pistons were a bit on the tight side,so we filled the sleeves with special brew and warmed them up in front of the space heater, which worked a treat.

jan 7 022 jan 7 021

The last pistons to remove was the master rods 4 and 11, these were a little bit more tricky to clean, as there was less space to work in.

jan 7 026

Pete altered the base plate to allow for the master rod.

jan 7 025

And there we have it, the final piston removed.

jan 7 023

All the children safely tucked up in bed ready for cleaning.