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Bristol Hercules 759 Running Frame





We soon realized that we could not run with a front support like the 216 , as the nacelle is in the way and the prop is to close to the front edge of the nacelle. So we designed extra bracing for the rear mounting frame, then passed that over to to Dom and he cut it out on his CNC Plasma cutter.

img_3618 img_3619 img_3621


We used 5 mm steel to make the extra side mounts with internal gussets .

img_4727 img_4728

Then a couple of extra stays back on to the lower frame.





We plan to mount the tanks more to the side , which will cover  up the extra steel work and leave the center section open so the rear of the engine is visible.img_5174 img_5175 img_5178img_5254


New Tank mounts have been made just like on the 216 but offset to the outside.





Note the extra casing that is fitted to this 759 to allow electrical connection to the prop hub,as there is limit switches inside to allow interlocking for prop thrust reverse.


img_5242 img_5244 img_5245


With my very helpful wife Gill the prop hub and one blade was mounted to check clearances. As you can see the blade in full feather would touch the frame. After a bit more measuring , we decided that 60 mm needed to come out.

img_5248 img_5251

After Chopping the frame back by 60 mm, it was all clamped back up and welded up. Next job make up the tanks.



Sleeve Valve Demonstration Uinit

At the shows, there is always two questions asked from young and old.

1. How dose a Radial engine work

2. How does a Sleeve Valve work

So we decided to make a display unit that can be taken to shows and people can have a hands on demonstration of both of these questions.img_4837-copy img_4846

We had a old 264 engine that we had removed all useful parts, so we decided to use this to make our display unit. First I cut up the front crank case section then the timing case cover using a reciprocating saw.







Next I fitted a Cylinder and five sets of timing gears




Next job was to weld back together the master rod, as this had to be cut to strip the engine as that cylinder would not come off.



Next I cout down the front half of the crank manaton and make a replacement crank pin to allow the master rod to be attached.

img_4944 img_4946


The last job was to make a cranking handle , it works a treat. Over winter Pete will tidy the casing up and crankshaft on the milling machine, then all we have to do is make a perspex box to go over it , as there is plenty of finger trapping gears and sleeve valve ports etc.


2016 Shows

May 8th & 9th

The first show as usual is the Flying man Festival at Pocklington and the 102 squadron reunion

img_3790img_3795 img_3800 img_3818 img_3819 img_3820

May 15th Kelso

The show was at Kelso show ground in the Scottish Borders, we showed along side William and his Merlin



img_3850 img_3849 img_3848


Nice tow vehicle Will


img_3854 img_3852


June 11th Scruton Village Fete near Northallerton

img_4276 img_4277 img_4278 img_4281

June 12th Breighton Airfield fly in



img_4282 img_4283 img_4284 img_4285


July 17th & 17th Farnborough International Airshow


img_4620 img_4622 img_4624 img_4635

July 23rd Bagby Airfield



Aldborough & Dishforth Show held at RAF Dishforth

img_4686 img_4688


August 5th & 6th Croft Nostalgia Weekend


img_4803-copy img_4818-copy


September 10th End of season BBQ at ours


img_5011 img_5012 img_5014 img_5015 img_5016

Peter and Graham turned up with a Merlin , It had not been run in ten years, but it ran fine.

img_5022 img_5025

Ken Rusby who we met at Crof talked to us at Croft about his Dad who lost his life in a Albemile crash in WW2 , he was born three months later, he has don a lot of research into the crash and was chuffed to bits that we arranged to have a plaque fitted to the engine frame in memory of his Dad and crew mates that lost there lives. After the very touching speech he made he then brought out an actual Bristol Hercules Cylinder from his Dads crashed plane, To see him stood there with that cylinder against the 216  just makes the long hours of work worth while.





img_5281img_5029 img_5030 img_5043

The Following day after tidying up after the BBQ we decided to invite Mike Hemmingway to remove two old Mags from a scrap 264, after a couple of hours he was chuffed to bits with his afternoons work.

img_5050 img_5052


We would like to thank everybody we met this year for the kind words and encouragement. Now its time to finish off the 759 ready for 2017! , then we can make twice the noise…….