Sleeve Valve Demonstration Uinit

At the shows, there is always two questions asked from young and old.

1. How dose a Radial engine work

2. How does a Sleeve Valve work

So we decided to make a display unit that can be taken to shows and people can have a hands on demonstration of both of these questions.img_4837-copy img_4846

We had a old 264 engine that we had removed all useful parts, so we decided to use this to make our display unit. First I cut up the front crank case section then the timing case cover using a reciprocating saw.







Next I fitted a Cylinder and five sets of timing gears




Next job was to weld back together the master rod, as this had to be cut to strip the engine as that cylinder would not come off.



Next I cout down the front half of the crank manaton and make a replacement crank pin to allow the master rod to be attached.

img_4944 img_4946


The last job was to make a cranking handle , it works a treat. Over winter Pete will tidy the casing up and crankshaft on the milling machine, then all we have to do is make a perspex box to go over it , as there is plenty of finger trapping gears and sleeve valve ports etc.


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  1. hi thanks for post very interesting and very cool. just picked one up that’s been outside for years but fairly complete, is it unrealistic to ever think of getting it going again?? i am near wotton under edge

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