Bristol Hercules 759 Running Frame





We soon realized that we could not run with a front support like the 216 , as the nacelle is in the way and the prop is to close to the front edge of the nacelle. So we designed extra bracing for the rear mounting frame, then passed that over to to Dom and he cut it out on his CNC Plasma cutter.

img_3618 img_3619 img_3621


We used 5 mm steel to make the extra side mounts with internal gussets .

img_4727 img_4728

Then a couple of extra stays back on to the lower frame.





We plan to mount the tanks more to the side , which will cover  up the extra steel work and leave the center section open so the rear of the engine is visible.img_5174 img_5175 img_5178img_5254


New Tank mounts have been made just like on the 216 but offset to the outside.





Note the extra casing that is fitted to this 759 to allow electrical connection to the prop hub,as there is limit switches inside to allow interlocking for prop thrust reverse.


img_5242 img_5244 img_5245


With my very helpful wife Gill the prop hub and one blade was mounted to check clearances. As you can see the blade in full feather would touch the frame. After a bit more measuring , we decided that 60 mm needed to come out.

img_5248 img_5251

After Chopping the frame back by 60 mm, it was all clamped back up and welded up. Next job make up the tanks.



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