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The Big Clean up

jan 11 004


The first thing we did was to make a suitable sized parts washer.

jan 11 005


Initially  we are using red diesel to clean the crud off and flush out the oil ways. As you can see, one of the children couldn’t resist going  for a swim.

jan 7 027


The main bearing is silky smooth after being cleaned

jan 11 005


The next job we had to do was make some locking blocks for the sleeve drive shafts, to stop them drooping to one side when we rotate the engine, if this happens the rollers drop out from the sleeve drive shaft bearings and they are quite fiddly to get back in!

jan 11 008 jan 11 007

Using a endoscope you can see the amount of muck down the center of the drive shafts, all this needs to be cleaned out.

jan 11 026

Using various 12 bore shot gun cleaning tools they cleaned up a treat.

jan 11 025 jan 11 009

At the bottom of the shaft there still was a bit of muck stuck near the oil way so we made a special tool to clean the bottom face out.

jan 11 029jan 11 031  

Using the engine cleaning bath pump to flush out all of the oil ways.

jan 11 012 jan 11 011

Next job was to clean out the crank oil ways, after removing the crank blanking plugs you can see the amount of crap that has  formed  since the engine last ran.

jan 11 033 jan 11 036


After fully cleaning the internals and oil jets of the crank and flushing out it was time to put the first bit of the engine back together!

jan 11 034 jan 11 037


The next task was to remove the pistons from the con rods, quite a simple job just remove the snap rings and immerse in hot oil for a minute and tap out the gudgeon pins.

jan 11 016 jan 11 023

Half an hour later the kids are all lined up for a roll call!

jan 11 024

Now comes the long job of cleaned the pistons.

jan 11 003