Front Crankshaft Re-Assemble

The next job will be to fit and tighten the front maniton stretch bolts.

Triangle de vert 2014 002Triangle de vert 2014 003

To tighten the maniton bolts, first check the length, then put all the Carlsberg to good use and stretch the bolts by 0.014″ to 0.016″

Triangle de vert 2014 004


Once tightened we fitted new split pins.

Triangle de vert 2014 005

We have now removed the extra steady legs from the stand, ready for the front section to be fitted.

Triangle de vert 2014 006 Triangle de vert 2014 007


Before we fit that we will clean out the front sleeve drive shafts and lock them off with the blocks we have made, and then flat off all of the external paint.

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