The last of the heads and cylinders removed

Well we finally got there, we have managed to remove all of the remaining heads and cylinders. Typically the last head to remove No.3 was a tad on the tight side, but with the aid of a couple of bottle jacks it soon gave up.

12 dec 00312 dec 004


Cylinders 6,7,8 and nine came off very easily due to the oil seeping down the sleeves over the last thirty five years or so.

12 dec 022

No 9 actually came off as per the manual, remove base nuts and slide off!

12 dec 029

The last base nut removed

12 dec 030

The last cylinder to come off was No.3 , like the head it was a bit reluctant to come off, but with a bit of pressure from the 30 tonne jack we teased it off.

12 dec 023 12 dec 027

And there we have it, phase one completed.

12 dec 031

Time to re hydrate!

The next few jobs are to remove the magnetos and carburetor,  then we will start stripping down the front of the engine.



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