New Rotol 4 Blade Prop

Well look what we have found!

A brand new Rotol 4 blade prop, totally complete. Obviously we will not be running this prop but will trade it for parts we will require.

prop23 prop1 prop3 prop6 prop14 prop16 prop22

We would like to display an engine with the full size fourteen foot prop on next year at a memorial service held by the RCAF only a mile from us at  Skipton on Swale , it should look mighty impressive.


3 thoughts on “New Rotol 4 Blade Prop

  1. Dear Sir ,I am writing fron Spain may be you can help to identify a pair of big blades that I own, because I suspect could be Rotol ones fron Bristol 170 or Spanish HE-111 with rolls royce engines. So would you be willing to check your rotol serial and compare with mines that are DWG.NO.7221A-2 / MFG.NO.N793887/ COR.ANGLE.00/S.N.221070.
    Any help is very much appreciated.

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