Engine Stand

For us to strip down the 264 we decided to make a engine stand that would allow us to rotate the engine through 360′.First we bought some castors rated at 750 kg’s each, then make some mounting plates for them.castor

Next we fabricated the front frame to attach to the engine mount and add a 3″ bush to allow us to rotate the engine.

front framebush 1hole cutterfront frame 2 front frame2a

Next we test fit the frame to the main engine stand to make sure we have got our clearances  worked out right.

front + back frame1front + back frame 2 front + back frame 3


All seems good, so lets pop the old Bristol On!

test fit 3 test fit 2

We then fabricated an “A” frame support for the front of the engine ready for its short trip up into the top shed.

frame + a frame

With the aid of the Kawasaki Quad and forklift truck and Big “G”  (AKA Graham Potter) we move the engine into the top shed.

ramp 2 ramp 1

top shed 1It was a tight squeeze but she made it.

Big G asking Pete, where the hell do you start dismantling!

Big G where do you start


Every project should have a beer wall!

beer wall

I think we may need to address the size of the prop we have acquired!

Small prop

Here we are having a small refreshment to re-hydrate!

crew + big G



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