Heads 5, 11,12 and 13 removed also cylinder No.5 removed

This weekend we had a good couple of days working on the 264, we managed to                        remove No. 5 , No.11 ,No.12 and No.13 cylinder heads.

24 Nov 003


No.12 Cylinder head proved to be quite tough to remove , we pulled it off until flush with the head studs,

24 Nov 004

then made a new beam so we could push the head off from the main engine casing.

24 Nov 006

Cylinders No.s 5 and 11 came straight off with a slide hammer, these cylinders had a lot more oil present.

24 Nov 005 24 Nov 009


Here you can see the supercharge inside the rear casing, it looks in very good condition.

24 Nov 007

Also we had a look inside the magnetos , they are absolutely in perfect condition.

24 Nov 002 24 Nov 001


We then pulled off No.5 Cylinder, even though it looks bad, it came of with little effort, just used the jack once to brake the hold on the rings then used the 3/4″ UNF threaded rod to tease it off.

24 Nov 008 24 Nov 009


Cylinders 11,12 and 13 ready to be removed.

24 Nov 010


Only a few more to go!

2 thoughts on “Heads 5, 11,12 and 13 removed also cylinder No.5 removed

  1. Hi their,
    Imvery impressed with the photo display and the comentry, so I dont feel to cheeky asking for direction and advise.
    As I mentioned befor I don’t have a prop or a starter, so I obtained a piece of 6inch bar machiened it out to 4/58 wich is the prop shaft dia, I drilled and tapped four positions and welded a spiggot to the outer edge, fitted it to the shaft and with a big tube achieved nothing It’s solid, I then attempted to remove a cyl head(ha ha)again to no avail.
    At this point I’m open to suggestions printable ones Regardt Terry

    1. Hi Terry
      You will need to make a head puller that attached to the spark plug inserts, If you need to
      see ours just pop round.



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